Saturday, December 11, 2010

Someone should make a musical about the DMV...

It could be the next Sweeney Todd. I asked the first person I talked to if I needed to go through the DEQ first, and was told no, so then I waited nearly two screaming baby filled hours, only to have some paperwork shoved at me and be told I needed to go to the DEQ first after all, but that I could finish up the registration process there. Except that the DMV gave me the wrong paperwork, so I couldn't finish up at all, and by the time I'd gone through the DEQ, the DMV was closed. So I have to go BACK on Monday. Rant, rant, rant. On the bright side, The lady at the DEQ was super lovely and chipper and made jokes about how everyone at the DMV needed a paycut and a lobotomy, stat. I kind of loved her. It was a harrowing morning, but she sent me home smiling, with a nice little certificate that states that my 1984 Toyota Cressida has lower emissions than most current models. So, that's exciting. And I got some chocolate covered bacon bits and a pair of Givenchy stockings at T.J. Maxx. And everything else I needed to get done is done. And now I get to drive into Portland to attend a welcome back party for one of my favorite human beings. Really, things aren't so dire. Last night I was just feeling a risk. And when I feel at risk I get hostile. Like a badger. Only hopefully less stinky.

Desperately wanted to photograph my outfit today, as its rather lovely, but never really managed to make it happen. So, instead, here's a scrumptiously spooky little holiday collage for you. Don't you love Edward Scissorhands? Its one of my all time favorite Christmas movies.


  1. I hate to break it to you, but isn't the DMV closed on Mondays?

    On a happier note, nice collage. :)

  2. I want to see you in the outfit you have collaged! And the idea of a DMV musical is hilarious!

  3. Okay your post title totally made me laugh out loud. What an ANGRY musical that would be. Dissonance galore. ;)

    And YES actually, I DO love Edward Scissorhands and can't wait to watch it this winter break!