Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Once upon a time I was a ridiculous tomboy (though I always kept an impeccably stocked dress-up box!), and, though I'm clearly on very good terms with my feminine side now, I still love to steal from the boys. After gorging myself on glitter and sequins and pretty lacy frocks throughout the holiday season, all I want to wear is trousers and button downs and such.

If you haven't yet discovered this blog (I'm a little late to the party, I think...), you'll be ever so glad you did! The photos, the quotes, the remarkable women and their stories...in a word, fantastic. Even if you aren't of the tomboyish persuasion yourself, there's so much inspiration to be gathered. The photos below are of Princess Anne, at the 1976 Olympics. Have you ever seen anything so exquisite?



  1. Pretty is as pretty does. If it helps me get it done and done well and doesn't get in my way then cheers! Women can look pretty/beautiful in any thing so long as they can be who they are while in them. What's the old saying (male oriented of course) about the clothes making the man or the man making the clothes? Do the clothes make the woman or does she make the clothes? I vote for SHE. Tomboys rock!

  2. Yeah, my dad wanted girls and my mom wanted boys. They got three tomboys instead. Princess tomboys, if that's even possible!